Achieving a homogeneous, optimal greenhouse climate, an optimal air temperature humidity is crucial for a vigorous crop. Hotraco Horti develops and produces climate computers and temperature controllers to control, monitor and optimise the greenhouse climate. The result? Optimisation of production quality and reduction of energy costs.

Perfect control of heating, water supply, screening, ventilation and lighting. Full grip on cultivation conditions and growth climate. The Orion-GC does it!

The Orion-GC is an extremely versatile, functional and easily operated control computer for controlling climate and irrigation. Using the Orion GC, the greenhouse climate can be regulated based on the measured room temperature, relative humidity, CO2, water temperature and meteorological data. It can be equipped with controls for ventilation, window positions, lighting, heating, screen cloths, energy cloths, humidifiers, recirculation, pipe heating and irrigation. Depending on the climate region, cultivation needs and specific wishes of growers, regulations can be switched on/off.

The system is fed by input from a measuring box with a temperature and humidity sensor an can be enhanced with a CO2 sensor. The use of a digital weather station, PC interface and, if desired, a smartphone application is possible.

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