Management and Analysis

Over the years the trend has been to build greenhouses with larger cultivation areas. However, the danger of the occurrence of large temperature differences is lurking. With the current sensor boxes, these differences are only partially visible. With a greenhouse climate that is not homogeneous, a crop does not grow optimally. Recognizable?

Finding a cause is not always easy. Creating a solution for temperature and humidity differences in the greenhouse neither. Certainly if you do not know exactly where these differences occur. Numbers tell the tale. Gathering data is the basis for improvement.

Creating a homogeneous greenhouse climate is not a matter of coincidence however of applied knowledge. Knowledge gained with the an wireless sensor system for example. The wireless sensor system of Hotraco Horti visualise temperature differences in a greenhouse at a glance and provide a clear analysis of the situation. Supplement that with our expertise and products, and sound improvement advice is the result.

All focussed on achieving better yield performances and hence a higher return from a grower’s business operations. Minimising the climatic outliers, maximising yield. Minimum energy consumption. Optimal greenhouse climate. Perfect insight, overview and control. An adequate response is almost a piece of cake.