Motor control

High control accuracy, less cabling, freedom of choice for climate computers and motors, extensive choice of controls and expandability with new products and controls. As a grower, you want full control over the climate in your greenhouse or tunnel. Because the devil is in the details.

Hotraco Horti offers several intelligent control systems for optimised performances between a greenhouse controller and multiple drive systems. As an example, the Multi Connect system. This universal bus system, specifically designed for the horticultural sector, performs more than just the controlling of ventilation and screens drive systems. With Multi Connect you can also control, monitor, optimize EC fans and air handling units. Focused on the present and the future, so always expandable with new products and schemes.

With our switching and power units you have complete, compact and reliable units to fill in the missing link between the greenhouse controller and the or various field peripherals such as pumps, valves, screens, hoisting heating and fans. Products that distinguish themselves through their compactness, ease of use and the price / quality ratio.