Optimal and sustainable water management is not a superfluous luxury in optimising crop results. In fact, it is a requirement. Whether it is simple control of pump and mixing valves, more extensive irrigation valve control or a complete fertilizer mixing and dosing unit. Hotraco Horti irrigation computers enable to irrigate purposefully.

With the GPM-1 for example, we are introducing the first product from our new range of pump mixing valve control units. The GPM-1 distinguishes itself by being a single version for the entire range of currents! This product is also characterized by universal operation and structure. The GPM-1 is a pump mixing valve control unit for controlling a 1-phase or 3-phase pump and a 24 Vac or 230 Vac mixing valve.

Our Orion-GC or Cygnus-IR are both capable in operating several valves simultaneously. Combine that with some timing options or external starts and a grower can irrigate at the desired time, the right amount, in exactly the right place and still save water and fertilizers. Accurate and flexible!