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Motor control

Multi Connect: go beyond just controlling your screens

High control accuracy, less cabling, freedom of choice for motors and climate computers, extensive choice of controls and expandability with new products and controls. As a grower, you want full control over the climate in your greenhouse or tunnel. Multi Connect, the universal bus system for the horticulture sector, goes beyond merely controlling ventilation and screens. With Multi Connect you can also control, optimize and monitor EC fans, valve-motors and air conditioning units via Mod-bus, 0-10V or contacts.

Windows and screens

Even the smallest difference between the ventilation position of your windows or screens can have great consequences for your crops. The Multi Connect system is a universal bus system, specifically designed for the horticultural sector, performs more than controlling of windows and screens.

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Fans and flaps

The Multi Connect system optimizes the performance between greenhouse controller, fans and flaps. The system gives a high degree of control accuracy and monitoring. At a glance you know the speed of a fan or the position of a flap.

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