Efficient and sustainable water management

Delivering the right mixture of nutrients directly into the root zone, where they are most needed, will result in a better crop performance. Whether it is simple control of pump and mixing valves, more extensive irrigation valve control or a complete fertilizer mixing and dosing unit. Hotraco Horti always has the right solution for you.

Optimal and sustainable fertigation management

With our latest innovation, the CERES-FC, a grower can control the fertigation of his crops flawlessly. The fertigation unit supplies dissolved fertilizers to crops through any irrigation system in the right EC/pH. Reducing the costs of energy, labour and chemicals while ensuring a vigorous and healthy crop. Next to mixing, the CERES-FC manages 16 valves and doses water flows up to 20m3/hour. Automatically, based on the specific needs of the crop via your personal recipes.

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Intelligent irrigation computers

The Orion-GC or Cygnus-IR are both capable in operating several valves simultaneously. Combined with timing options or external starts, you as a grower can irrigate at the desired time, the right amount, in exactly the right place and still save water and fertilizers. Accurate and flexible!

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Pump mixing valve control units

The GPM-1 is a product from our range of pump mixing valve control units. The GPM-1 is suitable for the entire range of currents! This product is also characterized by universal operation and structure. The GPM-1 is a pump mixing valve control unit for controlling a 1-phase or 3-phase pump and a 24 Vac or 230 Vac mixing valve.

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Do you also want perfect water distribution in your greenhouse?

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Benefits of a good water control

With Hotraco Horti's automatic pump and water control systems, you can be sure that your plants are getting the right amount of water and nutrients. This system also helps you to improve water absorption and gives you a better indication of the health of your crop.

Accurate water dosing and mixing
Insights into water absorption
Improve the health of your crop
Monitor and control the amount of nutrients

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