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Climate control

Improve growth with an optimal greenhouse climate

Achieving a homogeneous, optimal greenhouse climate is crucial for a strong medicinal crop. We develop and produce climate computers and temperature controllers to monitor, control, and optimize the greenhouse climate. With our advanced automation systems you can optimize your production quality and reduce energy costs.

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The desired greenhouse climate fully under control

Having the right measuring instruments in your greenhouse is crucial for creating the right climate. Our systems perfectly balance ventilation, heating and cooling. This is done on the basis of temperature, relative humidity and CO2 in your greenhouse. Hotraco Horti brings your climate and crop performance to the next level.

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Perfect greenhouse climate for every possible ventilation approach

No matter what type of ventilation, location or climate zone, our automation systems like the Orion-GC always ensure a perfect greenhouse climate. Whether you use natural ventilation, tunnel ventilation or a combination. Our system has different settings for all types of greenhouses, which guarantees perfect air quality for your crops. Full grip on cultivation conditions and growth climate.


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