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Management & analysis

Gathering data is the basis for improvement

Do you want at-a-glance insight into your crop's environment? With our PC management program Rainbow+, you can easily and quickly check and compare results of temperatures, humidity, production, water intake and more, for all your greenhouses.

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Clear overview of your greenhouses

The Rainbow+ PC management program is part of the Orion-GC system and visualises all relevant greenhouse data graphically and clearly in charts and diagrams on your PC. The dashboard of the management program can also be set up based on your personal wishes. You decide for yourself which data is most important for you to see and compare.

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Remote control

The remote+ app allows you to remotely control the Orion-GC system with a smartphone or tablet. It gives you direct access to all greenhouse processes, such as climate control, screening and water supply, no matter where you might be. You can see all the controllers and make any necessary changes, wherever you are. The screen layouts in the app are exactly the same as those on your computer. This provides great ease of use and total control over all greenhouse processes from the palm of your hand.

Getting to know your greenhouse, starts with Clima-Scan+

A uniform climate is important for greenhouse growers: temperature differences and varying humidity can lead to production- and quality losses. It is therefore important to have sufficient measuring points for good climate control. The wireless sensor system Clima-Scan+ of Hotraco Horti visualizes temperature differences in a greenhouse at a glance and provide a clear analysis of the situation.

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