Development of the new Ceres-FC Fertigation Unit close to completion

Hotraco Horti presented the brand new CERES-FC Fertigation Unit

Delivering the right mixture of nutrients directly into the root zone, where they are most needed, will result in a better crop performance. Hotraco Horti presented the brand new CERES-FC Fertigation Unit at the Greentech last June. The fertigation unit is able to control and mix the accurate EC and PH values of the irrigation water, based on a nutritional recipe. Efficient and with a clear grip on the EC and pH value, so that the crop can easily absorb the nutrients. It was immediately clear that growers were very interested in the possibilities that the new CERES-FC promised.

Normally, a climate computer turns on or off the entire irrigation system in a section. The CERES-FC can however determine itself, based on light control and time, that feeding must take place in a certain section. The usual units inject the fertilizers into a container. The CERES-FC is a circular unit, which means that the container is replenished automatically and continuously pumps the fertilised water around. The fertilizers are constantly mixed by the valves. It can reach up to eight departments from the same container with 16 taps per department. After each department it flushes itself. It is therefore able to provide a different nutritional recipe for each department.

The CERES-FC is very practical. The standalone unit, that can be used inside a greenhouse as well as in open ground cultivation, is very compact and can handle relatively large volumes. The CERES-FC does not have to be connected to a climate computer, because it can even control the taps in the greenhouse and supplies dissolved fertilizers to crops through any irrigation system. Reducing the costs of energy, labour and chemicals. Besides that, it is the first Hotraco Horti appliance that is equipped with the new Hotraco Horti Interface, using a 7 inch touchscreen.

The CERES-FC will be available in the beginning of 2020. If you want to know more about the CERES-FC, its possibilities and advantages, contact Rick Oomen, Account Manager at Hotraco Horti.

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