Market introduction of CERES-FC fertigation unit

Fertigation unit for total greenhouse automation

At the end of February, Hotraco Horti delivered the first CERES-FC fertigation unit to the United Kingdom. This made the market introduction of the fertigation system official. The first prototype of this machine was presented at GreenTech 2019 in Amsterdam and since then it has been extensively tested and improved.

Compact and Stand-alone

This fertigation unit, developed by Hotraco Horti, takes care of mixing the irrigation water as well as its strategic administration. This allows the CERES-FC to control the entire irrigation process, so it is unnecessary to add other computers or control panels. You can now leave the control of pumps and valves over to the CERES-FC, which will run them exactly as you want. Through this Plug & Play concept, the CERES-FC is clearly a product of distinction on the market.

Precision and accuracy

The Hotraco Horti CERES-FC moreover supplies irrigation water with a stable pH and EC. By administering the correct amount of water and nutrients at the right time, valuable nutrients are taken up more effectively. And despite the unit’s compact size, it can process relatively large volumes of 10 to 20 m³ per hour.

7" touchscreen

The unit is easy to operate via its 7” touchscreen and thanks to the web-based application it is also simple to set up. Unlimited numbers of irrigation programs can be created. The CERES-FC can work stand-alone or be linked to the Orion-GC climate computer. Coupling with any other desired computer is also possible. This allows the CERES-FC to control the valves in the greenhouse optimally.

Product portfolio much more complete

With the creation of the CERES-FC fertigation unit, Hotraco Horti’s product portfolio is still more complete. Hotraco Horti divides its products across five solution areas: climate, water, motor controls, energy and management & analysis. The fertigation unit comes within the ‘Water’ group. This allows Hotraco Horti now to offer a solution in all the five named areas, which fits in well with its international market approach. Rick Oomen, Business Developer at Hotraco Horti: “Our (potential) customers are keen for us to offer a total solution. With the CERES-FC fertigation unit, our service provision is much more complete.”