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Climate control & irrigation

Climate and irrigation computer

We know how important creating optimal cultivation conditions is. In the past, things like temper-ature, humidity and irrigation were set manually and by feel, but nowadays we can support you with automated complete solutions. This allows you to effectively analyze, manage and optimize to achieve the perfect balance.


The ORION-GC is an extremely versatile, functional, and easy-to-use computer for climate control and irrigation in horticultural greenhouses.

Reliability, extensive functionality, and attractive pricing explain the success of this computer within the horticultural sector.

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Why choose ORION-GC:

  • Multifunctional and easy-to-use computer for climate control and irrigation.
  • One ORION-GC can individually control the climate of up to 8 compartments.
  • Simple installation (plug & play).
  • A clear overview anytime and from anywhere

Orion-GC control options