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Complete automation systems

All processes perfectly adjusted to your crops

Do you want to improve crop growth? Use less energy and water? More insight in your greenhouse conditions? And more control over cultivation performance? With our complete product lines and automation systems, we help growers worldwide to optimize their enterprise.

Creating the right conditions for your crops is crucial for an optimal harvest. The key to an optimal harvest starts with an efficient production process. Having the processes in your greenhouse under control means you can make the right decisions and keep a grip on your crops at any time.

We develop, produce and supply simple and high-quality systems

Not only do we develop demand-driven solutions, but also continuously create innovative, problem-solving, and technical solutions. This enables us to develop a suitable system for every horticultural company, for every application, and for every climate condition. At Hotraco, technology has been in the service of performance, for over 50 years.

Our systems can be controlled remotely via computer, tablet, or smartphone. A complete overview at any time and from anywhere!