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Power units

With our power units, you have complete and compact units for the carefree operation of your motor-driven systems. They are characterized by their universal applicability regarding the control of pumps, valves, heating networks, motors for ventilation, screening, and hoist heating.

Our power units can be summarized in three words:
reliable, affordable and simple.

GMC window control ENG

GMC motor control units

The GMC-1, GMC-2 and GMC-3 allow motordriven installations in greenhouses to function with-out problems. This next line of motor control units operates flawlessly across the entire current range, making thermal protection unnecessary.

That's exactly what growers want from a motor control system.

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GP(M)-1 Pump (mixing-valve) control units

Reliable control of pumps and mixing valves is indispensable to control the flow of water. The GP-1 controls a 1-phase or 3-phase pump flawlessly and can be operated either manually or automatically.

The same applies to the GPM-1 pump mixing-valve control system, which is primarily used in heating networks.

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GP(M)-1 control options