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Duke Electrical Services

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Duke Electrical Services

Our work consists of full glasshouse installations and electrical distribution. Electrical testing for new installations and condition reports (EICR) for existing circuits. Breakdowns, general maintenance and annual servicing on a variety of equipment can be carried out on request.

Duke Electrical Services
Pollards Nursery, Lake Lane
PO22 0AD Barnham, United Kingdom
Tel. +44 (0) 7463 897 897

Horticulture solutions

Duke Electrical Services provides electrical solutions and control systems for the horticulture industry. With our partner Hotraco Horti we can offer complete automation systems that regulate, control and monitor all your greenhouse processes. These systems are suitable for all types of greenhouses like glass houses, poly houses and shade houses and can be remotely controlled via computer, tablet or smartphone.

Discover our automation solutions

We supply simple and high-quality systems

Our systems control, monitor and optimize all your greenhouse processes and are applicable in all types of cultivation systems.

We know that saving on energy, water and labor costs is essential for achieving a profitable business. We like to think along with you, and therefore share our knowledge and experience. In this way we help our partners move forward in a sustainable way.

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