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Large German grower achieves better results with ClimaScan+

Better growing results thanks to the wireless sensor system.

Scherzer & Boss Fruchtgemüse GmbH grows tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers on a total surface area of nine hectares. Their vegetables are grown under glass in a completely closed cultivation system. All water and the unused nutrients are given back to the plants after treatment. The greenhouse climate, nutrients and water resources are all controlled accurately. But despite that, the greenhouse climate was not homogeneous and unwanted growth differences occurred at various locations in the greenhouse. That is why the grower wanted to gain an exact insight into the microclimate of his greenhouse in order to eliminate these growth differences and thus optimize his yield.

A ClimaScan + system with 50 wireless sensors was supplied via our partner Climeco Engineering. This allows the grower to focus on improving his greenhouse climate. An excellent assignment for ClimaScan +. For more information or expert advice from our partner Climeco Engineering, go to

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Normally, the temperature and humidity in a greenhouse are measured by means of a measuring box. This measuring box is installed at a specific location in the greenhouse and is therefore one fixed measuring point. Temperature differences may occur on the walls, in specific corners or, for example, at shadow spots in the greenhouse, which are not detected by the measuring box.

The wireless sensors of the Hotraco Horti ClimaScan+ system can be mounted at numerous positions within the greenhouse and therefore detect temperature and humidity across the greenhouse. They show temperature differences in the greenhouse at a glance and provide a clear analysis of the situation. About 50 wireless sensors cover approximately 2 hectares greenhouse surface.


By installing ClimaScan + sensors, the German grower could determine that significant temperature differences of up to 5 degrees Celsius occurred in a part of the greenhouse. Knowing the exact locations of the temperature differences he now was able to manually adjust the temperature flow. For instance by installing extra fans to circulate warm air to the desired areas or by manually opening heating tubes on a specific location.

Due to the fact that the ClimaScan+ sensors can easily be removed and moved to other area’s in the total greenhouse complex, the grower is able to cover and analyse the complete greenhouse surface and take the appropriate measures in all sections.

The ClimaScan+ advantages at a glance

ClimaScan+ is fully wireless and provides perfect insight into heat distribution. By creating an optimal homogenous climate environment across the greenhouse there is less chance of crop-illnesses, it delivers a more even crop growth and more efficient harvesting. The grower is able to grow more sustainable and healthier with lower energy costs.