Clima-Scan+. Better performance for an optimal greenhouse climate

With a greenhouse climate that is not homogeneous, a crop doesn’t grow optimally. Growers will recognize this situation. Finding a cause is not always easy. Just like creating a solution for temperature and humidity differences in a greenhouse. Especially when you do not know exactly where these differences occur. Measuring is knowing. And knowing is the basis for improvement. Hotraco Horti has thoroughly revised the existing Clima-Scan system. The result; Clima-Scan+.

Clima-Scan+. The renewed wireless sensor system

Creating a homogeneous greenhouse climate is not a matter of chance but a matter of applied knowledge. The wireless sensors of the Clima-Scan+ system show temperature differences in a greenhouse at a glance and provide a clear analysis of the situation. More and better insight into the micro climate in the greenhouse. Together with our expertise and our products, this guarantees perfect adaptation advice for the entire greenhouse climate control system.

The improved Clima-Scan+ system is equipped with a wider range of wireless sensors that measure both temperature and relative humidity. Both the hardware and the software have been radically adjusted so that measurement results have become even better. Measurement results that ensure that growers are better and faster able to create a homogeneous greenhouse climate. The Clima-Scan+ system is not just about collecting data, but about converting that data into (applied) knowledge. And that guarantees a better yield of crop in the greenhouse.

The casing of the sensors has been improved, in particular in terms of fragility and moisture resistance. The improved sensors are able to detect higher values and are contained within a much more stable network. Everything to help growers achieve better crop results and therefore a higher return on their business.

Clima-Scan+. Minimum temperature differences. Minimum energy consumption. Optimal greenhouse climate. Maximum yield. That’s what provides growers a perfect insight, overview and control. Then responding appropriately to the situation in the greenhouse is almost a piece of cake.

Do you want to see how the system works? Our preferred partner BioVerbeek and a renowned strawberry grower have installed the renewed Clima-Scan+ system in a demo setting and they are testing the system in their demanding environments. Besides that there are several sets already operational on different locations in The Netherlands. We are happy to take you through the results that have been achieved there. Contact Maarten Marx of Hotraco Horti to make an appointment.