Hotraco Horti attends the MJBizCon cannabis fair in Las Vegas in December

MJBizCon is the largest gathering of cannabis business professionals and ranked as the fastest-growing trade shows in the United States. The trade show will gather 35,000 attendees and take place December 11-13, 2019 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas. This large cannabis conference and trade show brings together professionals from every corner of the industry. It is the center of commerce for the global cannabis markets. Hotraco Horti will be attending the MJBizCon to display the fact that the company is a experienced developer and producer of high-quality control systems for international greenhouse horticulture, specialized in cannabis growth.

The cultivation of medicinal cannabis is one of the fastest growing markets in South and Central America at the moment. Cannabis, however, is a very sensitive crop that requires very precise climate control for optimum crop yield. For such accurate climate control, a great many controls are required to make this possible. Such a total system with all necessary controls to manage and control all peripherals is therefore too expensive for many growers, especially in the countries in South America.

With the ORION-GC, Hotraco Horti has a climate computer that is perfectly suitable for cannabis cultivation, because all necessary controls are already integrated. In particular the extremely high accuracy and the ability to create and maintain an optimal growth climate is the big plus of the ORION-GC for growing cannabis. The system is powered with input from a measuring box with a temperature and humidity sensor. If the prevailing climate conditions require heating, lighting, cloth control, pipe heating or humidification, the ORION-GC can control those functions as well. Therefore the ORION-GC is a very affordable and highly multifunctional alternative to existing competitive systems, able to reliably manage all possible processes, in all kinds of climate areas. And upgradable with a variety of control functions when needed.

The ORION-GC can control and maintain the desired climate condition in up to 8 compartments in a greenhouse, based upon the measured room temperature, relative humidity, CO2, water temperature and meteorological data. It has the ability to irrigate in 8 groups which means it can supply the desired amount of water at any time at the right place. Even with the possibility to add a fertilising mixing and dosing unit. Furthermore, Hotraco Horti offers a total system of automation and control computers, the unique Multi Connect system, motor controls, analysis systems and peripherals such as fans.

Hotraco Horti has sales offices and agencies in China, Colombia, Egypt, India, South Africa and Canada so that products and systems can find their way to customers wherever they are. One reliable, solution-oriented partner for total solutions that guarantee optimal crop yield. Modern and effective entrepreneurship in cannabis cultivation.

If you want to know more about why the ORION-GC is the most suitable system for cannabis cultivation, don’t hesitate to contact Maarten Marx, Business Developer Horticulture at Hotraco Horti. He will take the time to tell you all you all the benefits of a versatile, reliable, accurate and future proof greenhouse climate system.